Barwood Concierge

   Assistance at its best!


My name is Caroline Barrett, I am the Owner and Operator of Barwood Concierge.

I started this company because I love to help people and I want to be the extra set of hands for those in need of help when they need it. Growing up, I was the one that took care of everybody so it seems fitting that I would start a career helping out others.

Not long ago a friend from High School was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, he was given less than a year to live. He has two young children, 3 years old and a 1 year old, his wife was all alone coping with her husband's sickness, raising her kids and still having to live her life and keep everything as normal while going through this emotional whirlwind. I thought to myself that anyone going through something so difficult would need someone there to help out just to keep up. That's when I decided that it was time to get started lending a helping hand for those that need it.

This and many other stories as well as many personal experiences over the years have led me to be inspired to bring this business into action. I hope that you see how much it means to me to be able to care for others the way they should be. With life changing every day whether it is busy work schedules, working full-time with children, a sickness, a sudden death or a disability. It gets overwhelming trying to maintain your life duties at the same time and I want to be there to help out. I feel very strongly about proper customer service that's why with us you will always receive the highest quality of customer service and we will ensure that you receive it.